Karun Nair's Cricket Journey: From IPL Snub to County Cricket Success

Karun Nair's IPL Snub Karun Nair faces IPL auction disappointment.

Northamptonshire Deal Joins Northamptonshire for County Championship. 

Unexpected Turn Unsold in IPL, but secures spot in English cricket. 

Cricket Journey Twist From IPL setback to a chance in county cricket. 

New Beginnings Abroad Nair embraces a fresh start with English team. 

IPL Auction Drama Auction ups and downs lead to overseas opportunity. 

County Cricket Calling Nair shifts focus to make an impact in England. 

Team Switch Decision Northamptonshire signs Nair after IPL miss. 

Resilience in Sports Despite setbacks, Nair continues cricket journey. 

Karun Nair's County Cricket Voyage A tale of resilience and new beginnings in England.