10 Interesting Facts About Ram Mandir Aayodhya

1. Grand Rebirth:  Rising on ancient soil, Ram Mandir reawakens faith after centuries of longing.

2. Architectural Jewel: Traditional Nagara style, carved in pink sandstone, a testament to India's craftsmanship.

3. Divine Dimensions:  3 stories, 392 pillars, 44 doors - a colossal canvas for devotion and artistry.

4. Sacred Journey:  Climb 32 steps through Singh Dwar, symbolizing the ascent towards inner peace.

5. Eternal Love:  Garbh Griha houses Ram Lalla, a 51-inch idol radiating divine grace.

6. Global Embrace:  Soil from 2587 regions worldwide, a symbol of unity and shared spirituality.

7. Green Sanctuary:  70 acres of lush greenery, a harmonious blend of faith and nature.

8. Echoes of Ramayana: Murals depict Lord Ram's epic journey, keeping the legend alive for generations.

9. Community Spirit: Artisan families from Sompura lineage, carrying forward a legacy of temple building.

10. Beacon of Hope:  Ram Mandir stands tall, a symbol of resilience, faith, and a new chapter in Ayodhya's story.